I see worlds in my head. I mold and shape them until they are inhabitable by the creatures of my realities and dreams. They exist within an uncanny place where we and these beings can coexist. This new reality seems wonderfully mysterious, engulfing us with endless possibilities for life. There can be any number of magical creatures hiding under leaves in the forest, just above the clouds, or at the bottom of a lake.

As we grow, our imagination oftentimes subsides. We learn and accept that there is only dirt and earthworms under the leaves, mud and rocks at the bottom of the lake. I seek to recapture that feeling of discovery and childlike wonder within the work, starting with a template of the known world and expanding upon it. I extract inspiration from mythology, folklore, and fantasy to shape something entirely new. A dairy cow becomes a hulking, purple beast, while a simple ghost pipe plant grows into a lanky forest spirit. The marriage of opposites--familiar and otherworldly, important and meaningless--are essential in these beings. The ethereal interacts with the known world in ways we do not yet understand, belonging in our world but simultaneously alien.

I truly believe that there are things in our reality we will never grasp, and perhaps worlds beyond this one that will never be discovered. That is entirely OK. By way of this idea I want to inspire others to combine the familiar and mythical throughout their day-to-day lives, and to embrace the joy of speculating and giving form to the unknown.

Brenna Pasieka is a multimedia artist currently living in New Hampshire. She graduated from Maine College of Art in May of 2017 with a BFA in Digital Media. Brenna explores new creatures and their environments through digital and sculptural practices, often bouncing between mediums to bring these fantastical characters to existence in our world.

Brenna seeks to create life that simultaneously exists in our world yet does not belong here. Her creatures are both familiar and otherworldly beings that hint at the unexplainable side of the natural world.

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